Vision CS-1800 Pair Ceiling Loudspeakers

SKU: Vision CS-1800 Pair Ceiling Loudspeakers
> Beautiful bezel-less magnetic grille > 6.5″ Woofer, 0.5″ Tweeter > Premium cross-over
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Vision CS-1800 Pair Ceiling Loudspeakers
The CS-1800 ceiling speakers feature a two-way design. They use the ceiling void as an infinite baffle – allowing un-damped driver excursion – all of which adds up to rich, detailed sound. The main driver is a 6.5″ polypropylene cone complimented by an advanced 0.5″ tweeter. These low impedance speakers do not sacrifice frequency range like 100/70v line speakers do.

Magnetic Grille
The grille clips into place magnetically once the speakers are secured.

The grille extends all the way to the edge of the speaker resulting in virtually no visible edge. This sleek new style allows the technology to visually disappear.

Simple to fit
A cutout template is included so the installer can easily trace the cut line in the ceiling tile. Cut a 198 mm (7.8″) hole and fit the speaker; it’s quick and easy.

Only 82 mm (3.2″) deep, the CS-1800 can be placed optimally around the room. They fit in any environment which has a false ceiling.

A high quality crossover circuit is included to split the work between the woofer and tweeter.

High Sensitivity
Ceiling speakers often lack the power of wall speakers, but the CS-1800 has a higher sensitivity of 90dB to cut through high-noise presentation environments.