Vision SP-1800PBT Pair 60w Active Bluetooth Loudspeakers

SKU: Vision SP-1800PBT Pair 60w Active Bluetooth Loudspeakers
> Integrated 2 x 30 watt (RMS) analogue amplifier > Two inputs, IR remote included > Bass and Treble adjustment > Included tilting wall mounts > Bluetooth input
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Vision SP-1800PBT Pair 60w Active Bluetooth Loudspeakers

Vision’s premium powered bookshelf speakers are purpose-built for any audio-visual presentation environments such as classrooms and meeting rooms, or bars and restaurants. They are simple to install and sound great! 

Serial Control

RS-232 control means the SP-1800P can be controlled by a control system such as Crestron or AMX, or by Vision’s own Techconnect Control. 

Auto Standby

SP-1800P feature auto standby which saves power. This feature can be disabled via the remote control or a control system. 

Remote Control

A full range of options are presented on the IR remote control, including bass and treble adjustment. 

Bass Reflex

A bass reflex port allows greater excursion of the woofer, allowing the woofer to produce lower frequencies, and the phase-delayed movement of air from behind the woofer to the front reinforces the bass even more. 

5.25″ Woofer

They are 240mm tall and use a 5.25 inch woofer – the most popular size for classroom, meeting room, and boardroom applications. 

Horizontal C bracket

The adjustable brackets allow the installer to easily angle up 30º or down 30º. Or leave the brackets off and use as shelf speakers. 

Rugged Grille

Attractive and robust, the thick metal grille protects the drivers from physical interference. 

Big Sound

These loudspeakers use three drivers; a woofer, a squawker, and a tweeter. Asking a driver to produce a wide range of frequencies is always a compromise, so dividing the sonic range into three means each driver has a narrower range of frequencies to produce, resulting in less distortion and clearer sound. 


When power is connected the SP-1800P automatically comes on and remembers the previous input and volume setting. Restoring power brings the loudspeakers back to life automatically. 

Summed Inputs

The two inputs are summed to avoid the need to switch.  Bluetooth Connect from your phone or laptop wirelessly. Speakers can auto-switch from linelevel input when Bluetooth is paired if user chooses. 

Rename Bluetooth Connect to a PC via USB to rename and set the pin.