Vision TM-LCD Flat-Panel Wall Mount

SKU: Vision TM-LCD Flat-Panel Wall Mount
> 1-size fits all flush-mount bracket for all LCD and Plasma screens > Thumb-screws reduce parts and make installation faster > Paper templates and spirit level make accurate installation simple.
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Smart design means the Techmount LCD can fit anything from a 15” LCD, to 42″ plasmas, to huge 65” LCD screens. 
One-Tool Bracket The completely unique thumb-screw design cuts out the need for a screwdriver to attach the bracket to the back of the flat-screen – just use your hand! You just need one tool to attach the brackets to the wall.   

   Fastest Installation Ever! Vision has done away with the plate which normally attaches to the back of the screen cutting down the parts you pay for, and dramatically reducing assembly time onsite.  

   Strong Machined Parts High tolerance cast-alloy brackets and milled thumbscrews slot together neatly to give a secure fit.

    Paper Templates Included Mildly sticky paper templates with pre-printed VESA layouts assist with positioning of brackets on the wall.   

   Spirit Level Included Vision includes a calibrated level to help make sure everything is level.   

   Close to Wall The TM-LCD holds the monitor a mere 10mm (0.4″) away from the wall and comes with wall attachment fixtures for large and small monitors

Box Dimensions 130 x 90 x 55mm / 5.12″ x 3.54″ x 2.17″
Packaged Weight 0.5kg / 1.1 lb
Safe Working Load 4 x 12.5kg = 50kg / 110.23 lbs
Colour Aluminium
Accessories Included 4 x M4??12 Thumb-screw Bolts 4?? ST8??50 Screws withM8 square washers 4?? RT expansion tube 6.5??45 4?? ST4??25 Screws with M4 square washers 4?? RT expansive tube 4??30 1 x Large Paper Template 1 x Small Paper Template 1 x Spirit Level with plastic clip
 Warranty 2-year return to base
 Order Part Code TM-LCD [SAP:1932374]