Vision VFM-W22X6 Dual Flat-Panel Wall

SKU: Vision VFM-W22X6 Dual Flat-Panel Wall
> Dual Wall Mount for two large-format flat panel displays > Mounting points up to 2200 mm wide x 600mm tall (86.6″ x 23.6″) > Locking anti-theft mechanism
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Vision VFM-W22X6 Dual Flat-Panel Wall

 Vision’s VFM (Vision Flat-Panel Mount) range is tough, flexible, and quick to install. This dual wall mount supports two flat-panel LCD or LED screens in video conference applications.

Up to two 75″ Displays
The distance from the centre where the screens meet, to outer VESA point must not exceed 1100 mm (43.3″). As a guide this mount can support: 40-65″ displays with any VESA sizes 70″ displays with a VESA size no wider than 400 mm (15.7″), or if display less than 1600 mm (63″) wide then VESA 600 mm (23.6″) 75″ displays with a VESA size no wider than 400 mm (15.7″)
Floorstanding It can be fixed to a wall and can easily pick-up load bearing stud points, or it is also optimised to be fitted as an optional accessory to Vision’s VFM-F or VFM-FM (motorised) floor-stands. Note: if used on a floorstand the displays must be matching models to balance the weight.

SWL 130kg
Heavy gauge 3mm sheet metal is thicker than most wall mounts to take the weight of two large displays

The thin design holds the display close to the wall. This looks better, reduces a snagging hazard, and because the load is close to the wall the mount has a higher safe working load rating.

Simple Installation

A proven design allows fast fixing, and slotted holes on the wall part allowing levelling adjustment after fixing.


Dropping the panels into place activates the locking mechanism, which can be released with a pull-string.