Reserva Room Signage

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The Reserva Room Signage range eliminates the distraction, confusion and frustration caused when two meetings are scheduled in the same room. Reserva can also manage ‘no shows’ to help maximise workspace utilisation. This range of compact and attractive digital meeting room signs clearly display the availability of the room and a summary of future bookings. Reserva is dynamically linked to your calendaring system e.g. Microsoft Exchange to ensure meetings displayed on screen are always up to date.
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Reserva Room Signage   


Make your room signage your own with our customisation services. This includes the ability to add your organisation’s branding to the content or you can work with our content development team to build a completely bespoke design.

Digital Signage

Reserva Room Signs can be used to show other content alongside the meeting room information. This can include employee communications, brand reinforcement or advertisement.

Range of Screen Sizes

Pick the room sign to match your space, whether that’s a small 7″ display for a huddle area or a 21.5″ screen for a large auditorium. Reserva Room Signage is available in 7, 10.1, 15.6.

Easy Install and Management

With Power over Ethernet (POE) support Reserva is easy to install*. The Reserva Connection Manager application is quick to setup, can integrate with multiple calendar systems at one time and provides centralised control over the configuration of your room signage.













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