WolfVision VZ-C32³ Visualizer

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WolfVision C Series Visualizers can either be integrated into a suspended ceiling, or mounted on the ceiling, just like a projector. The speaker's table or lecturn is kept free so that nothing disturbs the view between the speaker and the audience during a presentation, and objects to be displayed can be easily moved around the entire tabletop. A synchronized lightfield shines onto the desk, highlighting the pick-up area of the camera, showing exactly where to place display materials.
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WolfVision VZ-C12³ Visualizer

A new trend in conference room design is the hiding of all technical equipment. High tech equipment should of course be present, but not visible. The perfect solution for this is a WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer.

It can either be mounted on a ceiling, just like a projector, or integrated into a suspended ceiling. There is nothing to be seen on the table/lectern and the view between the presenter and their respective audience remains undisturbed.

Advantages of a Ceiling Visualizer (when compared to a Desktop Visualizer) are:

• No unit on the table

• Nothing disturbs the view between audience and speaker

• Larger objects can be picked up on the working surface. 

Easy Positioning (with Synchronized Lightfield)
WolfVision's patented Synchronized Lightfield allows for very easy and intuitive positioning of objects.

The illuminated part of the working surface is always identical to the pick-up area of the camera. So a user always knows exactly where to put his objects or documents.
When zooming in and out, the size of this lightfield changes accordingly.
There is no need to look at a monitor.
The Synchronized Lightfield is an important feature for a professional presentation, making it almost impossible to misplace a document or object on the working surface!
The Synchronized Lightfield can be switched between 4:3 and 16:10 (widescreen) aspect ratio.
If the output mode of the Visualizer is switched between 4:3 and 16:10 (Widescreen) aspect ratios, the size of the Synchronized Lightfield adapts accordingly

Keep your Table Free - Hide the Visualizer in or on the Ceiling
The basic idea behind the Ceiling Visualizer is to keep the speaker's table or lectern free, so that nothing disturbs the view between the speaker and audience.

Other advantages compared to "Desktop" Visualizers:

• Visualizer can be completely hidden in a suspended ceiling

• Fixed installed units cannot easily be stolen

• No cables from the table to the ceiling

• Objects can be even larger and higher

In situations like this presentation of architectural diagrams, it would be impossible to place everything the audience is supposed to see on a working surface of a "Desktop Visualizer".

A Ceiling Visualizer is the ideal solution for such applications.

Designed like a Projector - A Visualizer on the Ceiling
WolfVision's Ceiling Visualizers can be mounted to the ceiling like a projector. The design fits perfectly to modern data projectors. Furthermore, the Ceiling Visualizers can also be integrated into a suspended ceiling. WolfVision's Ceiling Visualizers come with their own ceiling mounts.


The Ceiling Visualizer Series design and material adheres to all fire safety regulations and allows for quick installation into any ceiling. The VZ-C12³ and VZ-C32³ Visualizers are both plenum rated.

The height of the ceiling mount is only 40mm (1.6").To suspend the Visualizer from the ceiling (in order to get bigger enlargements), any standard ceiling mount for projectors can be used. The Ceiling Visualizers have flexible fixings which will fit with almost any brand.

The Ceiling Visualizers come in a small and elegant housing, intelligently designed for optimum usability. Accessing the cable connectors on the top side of the unit is very easy, as the Visualizer can be opened from below with just one pull.

The automatic height adjustment mode allows easy installation and also offers the possibility to expand the optical zoom range with a height adjustable table or ceiling mount.

Outstanding Mechanical Stability and Long Lifetime
Outstanding mechanical quality and durability are basic requirements for all WolfVision products. WolfVision units are solid and not easily damaged. They are built to last for a very long time.

If you want to check out the difference in mechanical stability and reliability between a WolfVision Visualizer and any other document camera on the market, just ‘touch‘ the units. You will immediately ‘feel‘ the difference.

Depth of Focus (Depth of Field)
The Ceiling Visualizers are equipped with professional telezoom lenses with very high depth of focus.

This is very important for working with larger 3-dimensional objects. Even at high magnification, they are always sharp from top to bottom. The Visualizers are equipped with a One-Push-Autofocus. However due to the great depth of focus, it is rarely necessary to adjust the focus.

Shadow Free Illumination
As the camera and the light projector are situated side by side within the Visualizer and follow the same path, shadows are almost completely eliminated.

During a presentation, it is often necessary to write something on a document on the working surface or to point to a certain detail with a finger or a pencil. The Visualizers are perfectly suited for this, as there are practically no shadows covering up important details.

No Light Adjustments Necessary
Due to the special light system of the Ceiling Visualizers, every part of the recorded picture is always perfectly illuminated.

Hollow objects or complex 3-dimensional objects are always completely illuminated - even on the inside. As a result, there is never a need for adjustment of the light.

100% Reflection Free
With the special light system of WolfVision's Ceiling Visualizers, it is impossible that the Visualizer's light is reflected back into the camera (see illustration). Thus the whole working surface is always 100% reflection free.

Advanced Keystone Correction
The slightly inclined recording angle of the Visualizer causes a minor keystone effect in the picture which is automatically corrected by the Visualizer's "Keystone Correction". It works very precisely and in real time - completely invisible to the user.

Maintenance Free High-Intensity LED Light System
The Ceiling Visualizers VZ-C12³ and VZ-C32³ come with a High-Brightness LED Light System. The light output has been increased while the power consumption is now much lower. The LED light only requires a very small internal cooling fan. As a result the new Ceiling Visualizers are very quiet in operation.

The LED light system has an incredible long lifetime of 30,000 hours - which can be considered as "maintenance free" for most installations. This is especially important, when the unit is built-into a suspended ceiling, where changing of lamps may not be easy.

16x Optical Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom
The Ceiling Visualizers come with professional telezoom lenses with 16x optical zoom factor. In combination with the 4x digital zoom, the total zoom range of the new Ceiling Visualizers is 64x.

Zoom Range Calculation
A difference to "Desktop" Visualizers is that the size of the smallest and largest picture the units can pick up is not fixed. Instead, it depends on how high above the table the Ceiling Visualizer is mounted. The tables show the ratio between mounting height and pick-up sizes.

Outstanding Picture Quality
WolfVision Visualizers have always been famous for their outstanding picture quality, which is due to a perfect mix of high end components and remarkable know-how.

Perfect picture quality means high resolution throughout the whole picture (including the edges), lifelike colours, high frame rate, fast and precise auto focus, smooth zooming, an overall distortion free picture, even lighting without reflections or hot spots and much more.

High Resolution/1-CCD and 3-CCD Cameras
The difference between the two Ceiling Visualizers is the built-in camera. The VZ-C12³ comes with a state of the art 1-CCD SXGA- camera with 820 lines resolution, while the VZ-C32³ features a 3-CCD SXGA- camera with 1200 lines resolution and 100% lifelike colours

Firmware Updates
Firmware updates allow new features and technical improvements to be added at no cost! Downloading firmware updates from the internet and uploading them onto a Visualizer, using WolfVision's Connectivity Software is very easy.

LAN Port/Additional Network Features / Direct Streaming
The LAN port is a key feature of all high-end Visualizers from WolfVision. It makes the Visualizer a part of the internal computer network and it can be used for communication over the Internet, if it is assigned an official (WAN) IP address.

USB Device Port / Connectivity Software
The Visualizer can be connected to a computer using the USB 2.0 port. Communication is possible via the WolfVision Connectivity Software or a dedicated WIA, Twain or video capture driver.

The supplied Connectivity 2 Software allows for saving still images and videos onto a PC or Mac, controlling the unit, updating the firmware, adding annotations, instant printing of Visualizer screenshots and even streaming live images over a network including audio. The Connectivity Software can use USB or LAN connections to communicate with the Visualizer.

USB Host Port
The USB Host port can be used for connecting USB sticks and other "passive" USB devices. USB sticks can be used as an extension of the image memory and for uploading and downloading images. 

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