BenQ short and ultra short throw projectors

    • BenQ
  • 20 April 2016
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Key Features

A short throw projector will provide reduced shadows, limit the amount of light that hits apresenter’s eyes and can assist in installations where space is limited. The level to which thesebenefits are achieved is directly correlated with the throw distance length; the shorter thethrow, the greater the benefit. Overall, an ultra-short throw projector provides the most benefit.


There are numerous benefits from using a short throw projector. The primary advantage is the

flexibility it provides users when placing projectors in a small room since a short throw projector

can project a large image from a short distance. They are particularly suitable for schools, small

businesses or any other intimate environment. 

This includes:
  • Smaller sized classrooms

  • Home theatres with limited space

  • Advertising stands and booths at exhibitions

  • Small conference rooms, such as those often found in hotels

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