Techconnect TC2 Tilt - Table Mount AV Connection Plate

SKU: Techconnect TC2 Tilt - Table Mount AV Connection Plate
Techconnect Tilt (TC2-TILT) is a motorized flush table mounted faceplate or connection plate. Press the touch sensor and the lid slowly rises up to reveal The AV plate.
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VISION Techconnect Tilt Motorized Desk Mount AV Plate
Vision Techconnect TC2-Tilt is a Motorised table mounted AV face plate with interchangeable modular connectivity for audio-visual installations.
When a projector is installed on the ceiling you need a way of plugging your laptop or other source equipment into it without having to clamber up on the table or running trailing leads from a side wall. The Vision Techconnect Tilt and Vision Techconnect TC2 modular faceplate system makes this simple allowing you to make the input easily access.
The standard wall-mounted Techconnect Tilt TC2 is ideal if your PC is on a table directly next to the wall, but in a boardroom or meeting room where the table is in the center of the room, ideally you need those connectors to be in the center of the table for easy connection.
Techconnect Tilt is Mounted into the center of the table, touch the button and the motorized faceplate tilts up offering power, VGA, audio, and network connections within handy reach. Integrated safety features mean if heavy objects are sitting on top it will not power into position.
The super-robust motor in the TC2-Tilt is rated to work over a hundred-thousand times without failing, meaning years of reliable service and will not be damaged if a user mistakenly forces the lid down by hand after use, rather than pressing the touch button to make it power down.
Modules Included: UK 3 Pin Power socket, 2 x VGA-F with 3.5mm Mini jack, 1 x RJ45 Ethernet, 1 x Dual RJ45 Ethernet, 1 x Blank module.