RedFox HDMI Cables V1.4 with Ethernet

SKU: RedFox HDMI Cables V1.4 with Ethernet
Redfox offers a range of quality audio visual cables - VGA, HDMI and UTP Cat6. Redfox HDMI cables are manufactured to the most demanding standards using high quality shielding and signal transport cores. Specifications meet the demands of system integrators – both business and home cinema installers. Each cable is quality controlled during the manufacturing process and ensures high quality performance.
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RedFox HDMI Cables V1.4 with Ethernet

General Specifications
  • Redfox High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, highly flexible jacket with 7.3mm outer diameter, 24AWG conductors, solder moulding type connector with gold flash, black insulation and gold plated shell - tested to Category 1.4.
Detailed Specifications and Supported Standards
  • sRGB,YCbCr 4:2:2/4:4:4,8 channel LPCM,192kHz,24- bit audio, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD video and audio at full HD resolution,CEC,DVD -Audio, Super Audio CD (DSD), Deep Colour, xvYCC, Auto lip -sync, Dolby True HD bitstream,DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream, ARC, 3D over HDMI,1080P0
  • Durable Redfox zip lock plastic bag.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • RTB.

  • Specifications and warranty subject to change without notice.

Available in the following lengths
  • 10.0m and 15.0m







Model Number Size (Meters) Description
RF-HDMI10M 10.0M High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
RF-HDMI15M 15.0M High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet