PixiePlus Display Control Module

SKU: PixiePlus Display Control Module
An elegant, single-gang 8-button display control device for virtually any projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Provides both IR and RS-232 control.
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PixiePlus (PXE-DCM+) Control Module

The PixiePlus Device Control Module provides a simple, standardized control interface for projectors, monitors, display devices, or other AV devices in a compact single-gang form factor. A customizable interface allows for a variety of configurations from two to eight total buttons. The unique design gives you the ability to tailor the control interface to the exact requirements of the devices being controlled. This design not only provides a professional looking control system, but allows you to eliminate any buttons that may confuse the end user. Seven button insert modules are included with each PixiePlus. You choose the three modules that match your remote control design.

IR programming without PC
With standalone IR learning, the PixiePlus can learn the IR remote control codes of your devices in minutes. No programming is necessary, so leave the laptop at home. Duplicate rooms are a snap. Simply teach one PixiePlus the codes from the remote control, and any other PixiePlus will wirelessly clone its configuration in seconds.

Protect your investment
Display devices are expensive. If users inadvertently leave the display on, you will unnecessarily have costly lamp replacements. The PixiePlus offers three options for automatic shutdown of the device. If the display has discrete power commands (ON/OFF) the PixiePlus can be configured to turn the display off after a certain period of inactivity (based on time since the last key was pressed). If you use the optional real-time clock module the PixiePlus can be configured to turn off the device at an exact time of day, or a hybrid approach can be used that enables the automatic shutdown timer at a specific time of day giving you the best of both approaches. The real time clock module is accurate to within five minutes per year, will keep time through power outages, and supports daylight saving time.

Protect your system from unauthorized use
At your option, the PixiePlus can be configured to only allow user control after a security code has been entered. This security code is a sequence of button presses that you can configure to be any combination of keys.

Easy to install
Use the optional Basic Installation Kit (PXE-BIK50) to install the PixiePlus into a single-gang standard wall box with a Decora wall plate. A three-conductor cable between the PixiePlus and the controlled device carries power and control to a supplied terminal block that allows IR control.

Programming Wand (PXE-PGM-TOOL)

The Programming Wand connects to the PixiePlus controller through its IR interface and allows for more sophisticated features, such as RS232 control. There is no need to remove the controller from the wall! The programming wand connects to your PC with USB and contains an application that allows you to perform more complex configurations, including specifying RS232 strings.

Simplifies configuration and cloning. Simply plug the programming wand into your PC and the application will start. Specify the codes to be sent for each button. Disconnect the programming wand and take it to another PixiePlus you wish to configure. Hold the wand up to the PixiePlus, press the trigger, and presto you're done. Repeat for each room with the same configuration without having to carry your PC around!
Pixie+ Accessories
PXE-PGM-TOOL              Programming Wand for Pixie Plus
PXE-EMIT-232/IR             PIXIE+ RS232 and IR Dongle
PXE Emit                        IR Fibre Optic Light Pipe Assembly
PXE Face1                      WH Single Gang Decora Face Plate White
PXE-DCM-RTC                Pixie Real Time Clock Module