Dtech DT-7022A Converter

SKU: Dtech DT-7022A Converter
HDMI to VGA HD Converter
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Dtech DT-7022A HDMI to VGA HD Converter

HDMI to VGA high-definition converter, can convert HDMI digital signal into VGA analog video signal and 3.5mm interface stereo audio signal, so that high-definition HDMI signal can be converted into analog audio and video signals available for ordinary displays, projectors, etc. VGA interface displays, projector etc.

- Output VGA signal format: 1920 x 1080 backward compatible.

- Input HDMI signal format: 1080P (50/60Hz) backward compatible.

- VGA output impedance: 75Ω o HDMI input impedance: 100Ω

- Working environment temperature: -25 ° C -75 ° C

- Working environment humidity: 65%

- Product size: 88 * 48.5 * 20mm (L*W*H)

- Maximum working current: DC5V/350mA