Dtech DT-7051A HD 4K HDMI Extender

SKU: Dtech DT-7051A HD 4K HDMI Extender
- 4k resolution - extension up to 100M on Cat6 cable, with IR, RS232, Fibre in and out.
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Dtech DT-7051A HD 4K HDMI Extender

This Extender supports HDMI 4K resolution with a maximum resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @30hz.Using single LAN cable Cat5e/6 to extend 100m.The function of IR cycle can facilitate user to control the display switch, adjust the volume and switch the channel channel. Widely used in computer teaching system, high quality multimedia display, LCD plasma high-definition video conferencing, meter machine, display hall, digital home theater, exhibition, education, finance, scientific research, meteorology and other fields.


This 4k HDMI KVM extender can extend the HD signal up to 100m by cat5e/6 cable. Also send a keyboard mouse signal to the remote end which add IR bi-directional echo function .Not only can control the receiving end by sender, also can control the sender side by receiver,which convenient to the user.