Vision TC2-HDBT100 TX-RX Set 100m

SKU: Vision TC2-HDBT100 TX-RX Set 100m
Vision TC2-HDBT100 TX-RX Set is a HDMI and RS-232 signal extender / converter for HDMI video signals and RS-232 up to 70m using Cat5 network cable.
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Vision TC2-HDBT100 HDMI And  RS232 Extender
Vision TC2-HDBT100 TX-RX 100m hdmi and rs232 extender, transmitter and receiver set converts HDMI and RS-232 over a single CAT5 cable up to 70m using PoE (only one power supply required) and analogue audio output at receiver TC2-HDBT100 forms Part of Vision’s “Techconnect Twist” product family, the TC2-HDBT100.
Using Valens Semiconductor’s powerful HDBaseT™ chipsets, Vision’s TC2-HDBT products squeeze uncompressed HDMI, RS-232 and power – all over one CAT5e cable up to 100m long! Sold as a transmitter and receiver set for standalone applications, or as separate parts for integration into a system which already has HDBT transmitters or receivers.
Bi-directional RS-232 is supported for controlling remote display equipment. The TC2-HDBT an especially powerful solution for any AV application; staging, rental, digital signage, and corporate installations.
Audio Output
The receiver has an audio decoder built in which takes stereo audio from the HDMI signal and converts it to useful analogue format.
Full HD
The HDBT solution transmits full v1.4 spec HDMI with no compression. 1080p@60Hz@48 bits, 4K x 2K. Full 3D support and HDCP compliant.
When used as a standalone set the proprietary “power over ethernet” means only one power supply is required and can be used at either end – you choose
EDID Management
Dip switches on the side can be adjusted to set various EDID (extended display identification data) scenarios
Skew Free
TC2-HDBT products do not require EQ adjustment.CAT5e: 100m between ethernet devices
Techconnect Twist
Vision offer a full suite of products which carry HDMI, RS-232, VGA, and USB over twisted-pair (CAT5) cable.
Vision Quality
Enclosed in robust metal chassis’ with mounting ears included, Vision has used tried and tested industrial design to ensure stable heat management for reliable performance.