SKU: Elmo CRA1 Tablet
CRA-1 wireless slate/tablet allows you to walk around the classroom, meeting to take a closer look at what the students are doing and engage them easily.
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CRA-1 Wireless Slate/ Tablet

An Interactive Link to Better Presentation!

CRA-1 wireless slate allows you to walk around the classroom, meeting to take a closer look at what the students are doing and engage them easily. You don't need to be stuck in front of the class all the time anymore! Use it with the ELMO visualiser/ document camera and annotate on live images, record your lesson instantly and share it with the whole class.
  • Bundled with Image Mate Accent Software
  • Wireless Interactive Whiteboard Capability
  • Works like a computer mouse
  • Full compatible with ELMO Visualiser
Annotate live images without a computer: with Elmo L12 & P30HD Interactive Visualizers
CRA-1's wireless adapter can be pluged into the P30HD or L-12 directly, allowing direct annotation on live images from anywhere in the room without using a computer.
Wireless Interactive Whiteboard Capability
To help teachers get their points across, whiteboard mode offers a choice of six lesson-reinforcing backgrounds- including musical score, horizontal lines, and graph paper. Teachers can write and draw on those whiteborads from distance while walking around the classroom. Furthermore, wireless control function allows you to use any educational materials stored in your computer such as power point slide, pdf and word files etc. Online educational materials are not exception.
Easy set up and intuitive operation
After activating Image Mate Accent software, all you have to do is to plug the wireless adaptor(USB dongle) to the computer USB host. It takes less than one minute to start using the ELMO wireless tablet! It doesn't bothre your limited teaching time. Six shortcut keys ensure easy navigation of the ELMO Slate/ Tablet, even for first-time users. The ELMO tablet pen makes writing smooth and easy. Teachers can use the pen to annotate online educational materials, annotate images captured by an ELMO visualiser/ document camera, or enhance their own digital teaching materials. For added emphasis, adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the pen when writing changes the thickness of the lines.

Works like a computer mouse
The ELMO Tablet pen also works as a computer mouse to operate all your computer functions.
Fully Compatible with Elmo Visualizers.
Teachers can annotate live images from an ELMO visualisers/ document camera to deliver more detailed instruction and achieve greater student engagement. The ELMO wireless slate partners effortlessly with an ELMO visualiser/ document camera for dynamic, smooth-flowing lessons. In addition, applying mask, highlight, and split screen functions to captured images focuses student attention and brings interactive learning into the picture.