SKU: Elmo LX-1
Capture your student’s mind in the world of visual learning. The new LX-1 Visual Presenter offers the largest optical zoom lens of any camera in its class while the full HD camera captures crisp, clear detail on the smallest of objects. The easy to use LX-1 makes the perfect addition to any classroom.
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 ELMO LX - 1

Full HD

Superb Image Quality
The LX-1 is equipped with an HDMI output to give you the image quality you need.

96x Zoom

Get Up Close & Personal
The LX-1 has 12x optical and 8x digital zoom, allowing you to see things the human eye cannot; such as the stitching on a $100 Dollar Bill.


Output Options
The LX-1 gives you multiple output options to best suit your needs.

Security Base Plate

Base Plate
The specially designed included Base Plate not only gives the LX-1 extra support, but also acts as an anti-theft bracket while still maintaining the cameras tiny footprint.


Nothing Out of Sight
You can bend and rotate the LX-1 in many different ways to obtain the perfect view you are looking for.