SKU: Elmo-L12iD
The ELMO L-12iD is an all-inclusive visualiser/ document camera designed for teachers looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create dynamic lessons that enhance learning, interaction, creativity and academic performance of students.
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Elmo L-12iD Visualizer

Bring lessons to life with the New Elmo L12iD Visualiser

Visualisers are ideal pieces of technology in Educational, Business, Medical, Law and Military environments. A Visualiser is simply a digital camera fixed onto the end of an arm (rigid or flexible). Using the controls on the base unit and/or software you can zoom in or out and freeze and capture an image of whatever is positioned underneath the camera. Visualisers are ideal for teachers to use to explain certain parts of work to their classroom of pupils or in medical environments such as hospitals where they can be used to help teach student doctors.

The Elmo L-12iD Visualiser, has been designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers and is ideal for use within educational environments (such as schools, colleges and universities). This product works seamlessly with Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, PC Monitors and TV's, connecting via High-Speed USB 2.0, showing any image to your audience, or saving an image to be used later.

Product Specifications for Elmo L-12iD Visualiser / Document Camera

  • 3.4 Megapixels

  • Lightbox Included: Yes

  • Resolutions: XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 720p HD Ready, 1080p Full HD

  • Camera Sensor: CMOS

  • Shooting Areas: XGA: 420 x 313mm (Max), WXGA: 420 x 259mm (Max), SXGA: 420 x 334mm (Max), 720p: 420 x 233mm (Max), 1080p: 420 x 233mm (Max)

  • Zoom Capability: 12x Optical Zoom and 8x Digital Zoom

  • External Memory: SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot or USB flash drive external storage

  • NEW Features: UVC compliant (Web Cam Feature) & HDMI Pass Through

I/O Ports:

  • DC 12v IN x 1

  • AUDIO OUT x 1

  • HDMI OUT x 1

  • RGB IN x 1

  • RGB OUT x 1

  • C-VIDEO OUT x 1

  • USB x 1


Complete with Manufacturers 5-Year Return to Base Warranty



Ultimate Connectivity - Web Cam Feature & HDMI Pass Through

The new feature of L-12ID is the ultimate in connectivity and usability. It supports UVC (USB Video class) for easy integration with your interactive whiteboard, and other classroom technology. The new HDMI pass through feature allows you to use your L-12iD visualiser as an HDMI “pass through” switcher to display a HD computer or tablet PC screen and HD images from the L-12iD visualiser at the push of a button.

Powerful 96x Zoom

When the L-12i’s high-magnification 12Xoptical zoom is combined with its 8X digital zoom, images can be enlarged up to 96 times for a clear, distortion-free display of even the tiniest details. The powerful zoom enables you to capture every detail of your teaching materials.

Virtually Limitless Camera Positions

The ELMO L-12i can capture images from all directions, thanks to an adjustable camera arm that can be swiveled to broaden the scope of classroom presentations. The solidly constructed camera arm holds it position and is easily operational for booth left-and right handed users. From above, from the side, up close-explore from any angle! The adjustable camera head and arm can be freely raised, lowered, and rotated to focus attention precisely where it’s needed.

External Memory - SD Memory Card & USB Flash Drive

Both still images (jpg) and audio video files (mp4) can be saved on a USB flash drive or SD Memory Card for future use. Files may also be saved to a PC or Mac using Image Mate Software (included).

Audio Input & Output

With the L-12iD, audio enhancement can be added to classroom presentations via the built-in microphone or an external microphone input (Mic In/Line In). Audio output can be routed to the external HDMI or Audio Line Out port.

30fps for Smooth Motion Display

At 30 frames per second, the L-12iD smoothly captures and reproduces moving images. The high frame rate helps eliminate the after-images produced when the subject is changed and the stroboscopic effects produced when the zoom adjusts itself or the display subject is moved.