SKU: Epson EB- EV-105
> WXGA >1280 x 800 >16:10 >2.000 lumen >2.500.000 : 1 Contrast >USB 2.0 Type A >USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only), Ethernet interface (100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T) >Wireless LAN b/g/n (2.4GHz) >HDMI in >Stereo mini jack audio out >SD Card Slot
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Epson EV-105

Add movement and life to your retail displays or exhibitions with a low visual noise projector that blends in beautifully to any environment, and blurs the line between lighting and projection with 2,000-lumen brightness and WXGA sharpness.

A discreet attention-grabber

The LightScene EV-105 allows you to to create instantly appealing visuals with sharp WXGA resolution and 2,000-lumen brightness. Yet thanks to its low visual noise black casing, it can be used where a traditional projector would stand out, such as window displays and as part of exhibitions.

Simple, flexible implementation

A light, flexible design means the EV-105 can be installed in a variety of ways, from a traditional ceiling mount to a freestanding floor mount, or attached to an existing lighting track like a spotlight¹. It can also be mounted at and project from any angle, including portrait. The projector can be used as a traditional spotlight for when simple lighting effects are needed.

Easy to program and use

The EV-105 comes with Epson Projector Content Manager Software for quick, easy set-up without specialist installation. Playlists can easily be loaded via SD Card and changed using remote control by employees without the need for a computer. The projector can also use advanced techniques such as edge-blending to achieve stunning results in larger spaces that require multiple-unit installations.

Fit and forget reliability

A five-year, 20,000-hour warranty, coupled with Epson's durable, reliable inorganic phosphor wheel technology means that EV-105 projectors can be installed and forgotten about, and don't require regular maintenance.

Key Features

  • Discreet signage projector: Low visual noise black casing won't grab the spotlight
  • Sharp, vivid projection: 2,000-lumen brightness and detailed WXGA resolution
  • Flexible installation: Can be ceiling-mounted, floor-standing or attached to a lighting track
  • Easy playlist loading: Playlist can be loaded from an SD Card without need for a computer
  • Fit and forget reliability: Durable Epson technology supported by a five-year 20,000-hour warranty