Epson EB - L1490U

SKU: Epson EB - L1490U
- Laser light source technology: Outstanding brightness and colour, with fit-and-forget reliability - HD images with 4K enhancement: Exceptional sharpness, clarity and detail for crisp images and legible text -Versatile new software: Set up multiple projector installations and use advanced projection techniques -Flexible 360° installation: True flexibility without distortion or loss of brightness - Added peace of mind: Product comes with five-year, 20,000-hour warranty
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Epson EB - L1490U

The EB-L1490U installation laser projector offers powerful 9,000-lumen WUXGA performance with rich, vivid colours, for large rooms and venues, as well as reliable fit and forget performance. With flexible installation and low maintenance, this 4K-enhanced projector offers a perfect solution for scenarios where only maximum performance and durability will do.

Laser-sharp images

For a next-level viewing experience, the projector features ingenious 4K enhancement technology, giving images exceptional sharpness and clarity, and ensuring that text in presentations is clearly legible.

Flexible positioning

Thanks to a wide range of motorised lenses, including optional ultra-short-throw (UST) lens, the projector benefits from true 360° installation flexibility, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere - without loss of brightness or distortion of image. The projector also has a built-in camera to ensure accurate calibration and capture diagnostic images (this can be fully disabled to prevent remote access).

Versatile bsoftware

Epson Professional Projector Tool software allows you to set up multi-projector installations straight out of the box, simply and quickly, as well as using advanced techniques such as projection-mapping and edge-blending.