Epson EB - L1715S

SKU: Epson EB - L1715S
> SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) >4:3 >15.000 lumen >2.500.000 : 1 Contrast >Stereo mini jack audio in (3x) >Stereo mini jack audio out, HDBaseT > BNC in >HDMI in >DVI in >VGA out >VGA in > Ethernet interface (100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T) >RS-232C >USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only) >Wireless LAN b/g/n (2.4GHz) (optional)
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 Epson EB-L1715S

Versatile 15,000-lumen 3LCD laser projector, offering outstanding fit and forget reliability as well as sharp, vivid imagery with SXGA+ resolution. Exceptionally bright 15,000-lumen SXGA+ performance combines with rich, vivid colours to make the EB-L1715S installation laser projector an ideal option for large rooms and venues. As well as reliable fit and forget performance, it offers very flexible installation, creating a dedicated solution for scenarios where only maximum performance and durability will do.

Laser-sharp images

Ensure that your presentations, images and video pack a punch with the vivid, sharp projection offered by this 3LCD laser projector. Designed for larger venues, its high resolution SXGA+ images are vivid and bright, even in daylight, while inorganic phosphor wheel technology provides superior light and heat resistance to deliver excellent reliability that lasts for up to 83,000 hours¹.

Flexible positioning

Thanks to a wide range of motorised lenses, including optional ultra-short-throw (UST) lens, the projector benefits from true 360° installation flexibility, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere - without loss of brightness or distortion of image. The projector also has a built-in camera to ensure accurate calibration and capture diagnostic images (this can be fully disabled to prevent remote access).

Versatile new software

All models in the EB-L1000 series can take advantage of free Epson Professional Projector Tool software from December 2017. It allows you to set up multiprojector installations straight out of the box, simply and quickly, as well as utilising advanced techniques such as projection-mapping and edge-blending.

Quick set-up

Get started quickly thanks to a lens memory function which stores projector settings such as image position, focus and zoom, for prompt access when projecting images in different aspect ratios, or using different lenses.

Laser light source technology
Outstanding brightness and colour, with fit and forget reliability
Sharp, clear imagery
Outstanding clarity and detail for crisp images and readable text
Versatile new software
Set up multiple projector installations and utilise advanced projection techniques
   Flexible 360° installation
True flexibility without distortion or loss of brightness
 Added peace of mind
 Product comes with five-year, 20,000hour warranty





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