SKU: Epson EB-750F
Digital signage solution! The EB-750F is a scalable, affordable, ultra-short-throw display solution for informative signage.
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Epson EB-750F

This ultra-short-throw signage projector offers a cost-effective alternative to flatscreens, for displaying high-quality Full HD imagery at up to 120 inches. It delivers powerful and informative displays across a range of environments, including retail, hospitality and visitor experiences. Users are able to enliven walls, windows and tight spaces... and even project timely messaging such as social distancing directions.

Innovative and cost effective

Epson's advanced laser technology is robust, reliable and low maintenance. It offers bright and vivid colours in a cost-effective solution that's capable of large display sizes. This display solution can also be hidden to create floating and borderless displays to surprise and delight audiences.

Large and scalable images

The EB-750F enables scalable display sizes of up to 120 inches, in Full HD resolution with 3,600 lumen brightness and 3LCD technology for bright colours and high display quality.

Versatile and easy to install

This compact and light signage display solution offers the flexibility to fulfil the most exacting brief, and the versatility to work in narrow or awkward spaces. It can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, floor, or even hidden away to create added mystery. Its ultra-short-throw design enables projection of large images from a short distance, even in narrow spaces such as shop windows. A black version is also available.

Flexible playback options

Play content directly from a USB stick, including: playlists, videos, and signage content using the built-in content playback feature and Epson Projector Content Manager software. Users are able to connect two or more displays to benefit from built-in edge blending, or illuminate an entire wall with one huge image. Also, the split screen feature allows users to connect multiple input sources to display different content.

Key Features

  • Versatile signage projector: Compact, unobtrusive, ultra-short-throw design for tight spaces
  • Up to 120-inch display: Full HD resolution, 3,600 lumen brightness and 3LCD technology
  • Fit and forget reliability: Low maintenance laser projector with a 5 year warranty
  • Easy installation: 360 degree rotation with portrait projection support
  • Flexible playback: Play content directly from a USB stick