WolfVision VZ-8plus4 Visualizer

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WolfVision's popular VZ-8 Series Visualizers have become a worldwide standard in a large number of universities, schools and enterprises in recent years. The latest fourth generation VZ-8 Series units build on this outstanding success, they come with an elegant redesigned housing, feature a superb native 1080p HD camera, and are equipped with WolfVision's new YSOP1 image processing engine.
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WolfVision VZ-8plus4 Visualizer
Easy To Use / Zoom Wheel
For smooth presentations, it is very important that a Visualizer is extremely easy to use. Less experienced users only need to use the zoom wheel on top of the camera head (or the zoom keys on the remote control) as everything else (focus, brightness control, etc) is adjusted automatically.
No Light Adjustments Necessary
The light system is optimized for the working surface, so there is never a need to make any light adjustments.

Large Zoom Range
A large optical zoom range is one of the most important features of a Visualizer, because only an optical zoom can pick up objects in full resolution.
Outstanding Mechanical Stability and Long Lifetime
Outstanding mechanical quality and durability are basic requirements for all WolfVision products. WolfVision units are solid, durable and reliable. They are built to last for a very long time.

If you want to check out the difference in mechanical stability and reliability between a WolfVision Visualizer and any other document camera on the market, just ‘touch‘ the units. You will immediately ‘feel‘ the difference.
Unique Folding System
 The Visualizer can be set up in seconds. A gentle tug lifts the arm and light into the working position. Just as easily, it folds back into its compact size with just one pull on the centre ring, to be neatly stored, during or after a presentation. The units fit perfectly in a drawer. The height when folded is only 137mm / 5.39".
220° Tilt Range of Camera
 WolfVision's VZ-8 Series Visualizers feature a very sophisticated camera/light hinge which provides a large shooting area outside of the working surface.
Recordings Behind the Unit
 A VZ-8 series Visualizer can be used like a video camera, to record people, large objects, pictures or charts in a room.
Live Image Preview Monitor
 The VZ-8plus4 features a built-in LCD live preview monitor which makes it very easy to position an object correctly on the working surface.

Please view the brochure for more stunning features

The camera can be tilted 100° towards the audience and 120° towards the speaker. Not many Visualizers can record outside of the working surface because tilting the camera and light requires high-grade mechanical components.

The light of the Visualizer is focused on the working surface. Neither the audience nor the speaker will be blinded in a darkened room, and there is no disturbing stray light from the Visualizer on the projection screen.

The camera arm can be moved up and down at an angle of 90°. The light is fixed onto the camera arm and moves together with the camera. Therefore it is also possible to illuminate the area in front or behind the working surface. For recording objects further away from the device, the close-up lens of the Visualizer can be swung away from the camera. It won't get lost because it remains attached to the unit.