ScreenBeam SB1100PCMS Wireless Presentation System

SKU: ScreenBeam SB1100PCMS Wireless Presentation System
Flexible, high-performing wireless presentation and Unified Communications (UC) platform. The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is an innovative platform delivering contactless wireless presentation with web conferencing for rich content sharing.
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ScreenBeam SB1100PCMS Wireless Presentation System

App-free wireless connections

Supports native wireless display across Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Chromebook devices. HDMI input available for older devices.

Bring Your Own Meeting

ScreenBeam Conference wirelessly connects the room equipment to the host device and allows personal choice of web conferencing tool.  

Contactless collaboration

User device drives the meeting eliminating contact with dongles, buttons, remote controls and switches for a safer user experience.

Multi-network architecture

Three physical network interfaces connect both employee and guest devices without compromising security.

Centrally monitor and manage receivers

Included access supports multiple administrators and allows for different privilege levels among administrators.

Three levels of security

Network certificate-based security, AES128 encryption to keep content safe, and customizable PIN pairing options.

It's advanced technology with one goal: Create a better way to learn.
Why Administrators Love MimioBoard
  • Full-featured performance and an elegant design.
  • Intuitive software makes teachers productive from day one.
  • Durability means less teacher downtime
Why Tech Coordinators Love MimioBoard
  • One of the lightest boards in the industry—easy to install and less expensive to ship.
  • Should servicing be required, only the technology component needs to be removed and returned – no need to remove the board from the wall.
  • Can be used with either short or long throw projectors, to leverage existing projector investments.

Why Teachers Love MimioBoard
  • Students are more engaged and willing to participate in the learning process.
  • A single, intuitive software program minimizes the learning curve.
  • Wireless capability means teachers aren't tied to their computer, and don't need to worry about someone tripping over cables.