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Kinectiq Wireless Presentation System Receiver - AIRRX

R 2,175.00 Ex VAT

• Actual mirroring technology showing all contents as it is.

• No installation of s/w, no complicated set-up.

• Without wireless AP, high quality video (full HD) & sound transmission in real time.

• The perfect solution for wireless BYOD connectivity at your next presentation

What is KinectIQ®

KinectIQ® is the perfect solution for wireless connectivity to any display with the added benefit of

wireless touch to interactive panels and projectors. No cables, set-up, software or Apps required.

KinectIQ® is a time saver. Plug in and you’re ready to share.

Wireless Presentation Solutions

KinectIQ® AIR

Status LED

Power Switch


Set Button

Transmit Button

KinectIQ® AIR

KinectIQ® AIR is the perfect solution for wireless BYOD connectivity at your next presentation. Stop

fumbling with cables and spend more time sharing. With our KinectIQ® AIR wireless presentation

system, users can easily share what’s on their laptop or mobile device onto the presentation display.

No clutter, internet, software or apps required. One click sharing with multi device compatibility allows

easy Full HD mirroring of up to 254 devices on one screen for classroom settings, business meetings and

anywhere you want to share.


110 X 30 X 10 mm

Transmitting Function   

Resolution : 1920 * 1080 / 1080P Sound : Moni, Stereo supported Automatic recognition for Transmitter



Compatible device       

HDMI supported devices (LCD TV, Monitor, Electronic board, Beam projector, etc.)


Direct connect of Wi-Fi 802.11n 5GHz with receiver

Power Supply  

User external power supply over micro USB of 5 volts(At least 1 amp must be available)

Communication distance           

Recommended distance up to 10m (It can be longer depending on user’s environment)

Package content          

USB charge cable, Short HDMI(M) to HDMI(F) cable

AIRRX Datasheet PDF
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