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R 1,495.03 Ex VAT

• A user licence allows you to use both mozaBook and MozaWeb on various devices (such as computers, interactive boards, notebooks, tablets or smartphones). Choose this licence if you use your own device or want to access the Mozaik platform on multiple devices.

• A device-based licence allows an unlimited number of users to use mozaBook on the given device. Choose this type of licence for interactive boards in classrooms and computers in computer labs if multiple teachers or students will use the same device. (This licence does not allow access to MozaWeb.)

• In the classroom and at home

Teachers can create their own presentations or turn their textbook files into interactive digital textbooks with just a few clicks. Digital books and presentations can be enriched with images, drawings and interactive 3D scenes as well as custom worksheets created with the built-in Test editor in MozaBook. More than 100 thematic applications provide a unique way of reviewing and deepening acquired knowledge.

The software supports touchscreen functions, its user interface can adapt to the display size, so that it can be used both on interactive boards and notebooks. MozaBook is available in our web shop in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.


• Your own digital textbooks

If teachers would like to use an electronic version of their textbook in PDF format, they can do so in mozaBook. The software will automatically recognise pictures included in the publication and allow them to be easily enlarged with a click. Teachers can also define custom page sections to be magnified in the classroom. The program can also analyse the text of the publication and recommend interactive content relevant to the topic. Teachers can preview, accept or delete these recommendations, and they can also find content (3D scenes, educational videos, sound files, and images) independently in MozaBook's built-in Media library, from their own computers or from the Internet, without closing or minimizing mozaBook. All inserted items can be opened and used for classroom presentations by clicking on the icons in the book margins which represent the interactive content.


• Test editor

Create spectacular assignments quickly and easily with the help of a wide range of pre-defined question templates (single & multiple choice, matching, chains, labels, tables, and more). Assignment worksheets can contain many different types of questions and other features, such as time limits. There are also several built-in designs to choose from, which can make worksheets even more attractive.

Create custom exercises that include images, videos or audio files! You can also import pre-written questions automatically from our 3D scenes and MozaTools, which you can edit or leave as-is. The worksheets you create can be inserted into the relevant pages of mozaBook publications or into your presentation, or they can be set as a homework tasks and sent to students, to be completed at home via MozaWeb.


• Spectacular exercise books

Choose a background, grouped by style, for the pages of your presentation (we call them exercise books) in mozaBook. Add text by typing or writing, draw pictures, or add images, videos and 3D scenes from the media library to your exercise books. Exercise books can be uploaded to your MozaWeb account, so you can open them later on any computer with mozaBook. The changes you make to your exercise book can be automatically saved in the account, so your school and home exercise books will always be in sync.

Add impressive animations to your exercise books with the built-in animation editor. Animate texts, your own drawings, or any element from the Media library. The animated content can be introduced, hidden or highlighted according to our animation schemes. Extra content can also be used without interference while the animations are playing out.


• Drawing tools

MozaBook offers built-in drawing tools to create illustrations in books and exercise books, from simple text highlighting to freehand drawings and complex illustrations. The tool's intuitive user interface makes drawing easy even for younger students. The relations diagram tool allows for the creation of professional-looking concept maps with ease. In addition, virtual geometry tools, such as the ruler and compass, can be used to create more accurate and complex drawings and diagrams.





User licence
user licence allows a user to log in on various devices (such as computers, interactive boards, notebooks, tablets or smartphones) using their own username and password. The user can use both mozaBook and MozaWeb but can be logged in on only one device at a time. This licence type is recommended when users work on their own computers or want to access the Mozaik platform on multiple devices.

Device-based licence
device-based licence allows an unlimited number of users to access and use the software on the given device. In this case, users do not need to have their own licences. This licence is recommended when several teachers or students use the same device. In this case, only the device needs to have a licence, regardless of how many teachers or students use it. More information

Multiple licences or Licence Pack
If you want to buy 10 or more licences for a product, you can also buy them as a Licence Pack. The difference is that if you buy a Licence Pack, you will receive a single licence code that can be activated as many times as the number of licences the Licence Pack contains, whereas if you buy separate licences, you will receive as many licence codes as the number of licences you have purchased. More information

Validity period of licences
Licences can be activated within one year of purchase. The validity period of a licence is counted from the date of activation, not from the date of purchase. Multi-year licences are also available. The longer the validity period of a licence is, the greater the discount. More information

Monolingual or multilingual licences
If you choose a monolingual licence, mozaBook and its content will be available only in the selected language. The language can be selected upon purchase or there are other licences that allow you to select the language upon activation. Multilingual licences allow you to use mozaBook in every available language. More information


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