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SP Controls Control System - PXEDCMPLUS

SP Controls
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• Single-Gang Decora form factor

• Learns IR codes from almost any remote

• Wireless cloning allows quick programming of many units

• Unique modular design allows for control of Power, Source, Volume and more

• Elegant backlit LEDs in a variety of colours

• A single button may be programmed with multiple remote codes

The PixiePlus Device Control Module provides a simple, standardized control interface for projectors, monitors, display devices, or other AV devices in a compact single-gang form factor.

A CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE allows for a variety of configurations from two to eight total buttons. The unique design gives you the ability to tailor the control interface to the exact requirements of the devices being controlled. This design not only provides a professional looking final product, but allows you to eliminate any unneeded buttons that may confuse the end user. The following seven insert button modules are included with each PixiePlus. You choose the three insert module options that match your remote control design.

• Package Type:

Single-Gang Decora™ Mounting


• Dimensions:

4.130" (h) x 1.745" (w) x .90" (d)


• Weight (PCB with bezel and 3 insert modules):

2.5 oz.


• Power Supply:

6VDC, 300mA


• Output Type:

IR Emitter & unidirectional RS232


• Outboard Current-Limiting Resistor (IR Emitter):

150 ohm


• Recommended Wire:

18- to 22-Gauge 3-conductor wire

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