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Wolfvision Visualiser Ceiling Mount - VZC3D

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Bringing reality closer: 3D system

The WolfVision VZ-C3D is the world's first 3D Visualizer system, a sensational 3D stereoscopic 'live' presentation solution.

VZ-C3D is ceiling mounted, and features two high precision lenses and an onboard stereoscopic mixer which enables 'live' high definition 3D images to be viewed in real-time on any 3D-enabled display screen.

• Breathtaking 3D image quality

• Real-time 3D imaging enhances any presentation, meeting, or training session.

• Unique synchronised lightfield for easy object positioning

• Built-in recording functionality

Keep your desktop free of equipment

Elegant RedDot Design award-winning ceiling mounted 3D Visualizer, featuring our unique Synchronized Lightfield which enables hassle-free positioning of display materials. 

Lecture capture made easy

On-board recording functionality enables entire presentations and lectures to be captured, providing a quick and easy solution for in-house production of training videos or lecture capture.  

Easy object positioning with Synchronized lightfield

The illuminated section of the working surface is always identical to the pick-up area of the camera, so a user always knows exactly where to place objects or documents. When zooming in and out, the lightfield adjusts accordingly. 

Outstanding imaging quality

Two high precision wide angle camera lenses with 60x zoom (15x optical/4x digital), plus a zoom lens for the light source ensure stunning picture quality. The size of the smallest and largest picture the VZ-C3D can pick up is not fixed because it depends on the height of the unit above the table. 

Bringing reality closer!

The VZ-C3D provides stunning 3D images that enhance any presentation, lecture, meeting or training session:

• Educational and training materials are more realistic and engaging

• Gli Complex objects are more easily explained

• In web meetings, 3D imaging increases the immersive experience for participants

• The additional visual depth information, and improved perception of surface curvature are of great benefit in critical medical,    telemedical, product design and engineering applications

 • Corporate presentations and product launches are more impressive and impactful 

Unique imaging benefits

The adjustment-free light system ensures all content materials are perfectly illuminated, including the inside of hollow objects, and shadows are completely eliminated from on-screen images.


Ceiling Visualizer VZ-C3D, Meeting Room

System 3D Ceiling Visualizer
Availability Worldwide
Camera 2 x CMOS 1/3"
Pictures per second 30 frames (in all resolutions)
Native pixels of camera sensor 2 x 1920 x 1080 (2 x 2,073,600)
Native signal output 1080p FHD (1920x1080) in 2D/3D mode. (3D modes: frame packing, top and bottom, side by side, page flip, Line Alternative, Left/Right, Right/Left)
Converted output signals (4:3 and 5:4)  
Converted Widescreen output signals (16:9 and 16:10)  
Resolution (measured) 980 lines
Lens f= 4.7 - 71 mm
Zoom range 2x zoom camera lenses + 1 light zoom lens. 60x zoom (15x optical, 4x digital)
Max object height on working surface Depends on installation height (maximum limit 1.7m/66.9")
Max. pick-up area on working surface Depends on installation height
Min. pick-up area on working surface (in full resolution, with optical zoom) Depends on installation height
Min. pick-up area on working surface (with digital zoom) Depends on installation height
Max. pick-up area outside of working surface  
Depth of focus on small object (42 x 33 mm) Greater than 20 mm (0.8")
Depth of focus on large object (360 x 270 mm) Greater than 250 mm (9.7")
Brightness control Automatic and manual
White balance adjustment Automatic and manual
Adjustable colour settings Yes
Focus modes High speed continuous autofocus, manual focus
Synchronized Lightfield for easy object positioning Yes
Synchronized Lasermarkers for easy object positioning  
Center Lasermarker for easy object positioning  
Built-in LCD preview monitor  
Live to Freeze comparison  
Save user defined settings on USB stick  
On-screen menu and on-screen help Yes
Rotating camera head for recordings outside of the working surface  
Light source Maintenance-free high-brightness LED light system (high light output, low power consumption), lamp lifetime: 30,000 hours
Reflection free working area Yes
Shadow-free illumination Yes
Illumination of hollow objects Yes
Free firmware updates Yes, via LAN
vSolution Link Pro software for remote administration & firmware updates  
Swivel plate with 90° rotation  
Intelligent folding system  
User programmable presets 3
Seamless cross fading between image sources  
Image memory  
External computer input with digital scaler  
UVC Driver for Windows, Linux and macOS, PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol)  
RGB output  
HDMI output Yes, 2 ports
HDBaseT 2.0  
USB ports  
Ethernet/LAN port Yes
LAN web interface Yes
LAN streaming modes (multicast and unicast): Motion JPEG mode
Advanced controlling with professional protocols Yes via LAN
Additional security functionality (disabling snapshot, video recording, and freeze functionality)  
Video recording Yes, to internal SSD-storage (500GB)
Audio Yes, microphone input (line level)
Dimensions in operation (L x W x H) 478 mm x 150 mm x 178 mm (18.8" x 5.9" x 7.0")
Dimensions folded (L x W x H)  
Weight 5.2kg (11.5 lbs)
Operating temperature / relative humidity 0°-40°C (32°-104°F) / 40-60%
Remote control Yes: optional external receiver available (with 10 m cable and status LED)
Anti-theft devices  
Tripod mount / ceiling mount Ceiling mount included
Power Internal power supply, multi range 100-240 V, 65W, power consumption: 39W
Optional accessories Dry-erase working surface
Included accessories User manual, installation manual, ceiling mount, adjustment chart (for automatic height adjustment), Infrared remote control, power supply with cord 1.8m (5'11"), LAN cable 5m (16'5")
Made in EU / Austria
Warranty 5 years

VZ3CD Datasheet PDF

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