About Us – Solution Technologies

Our Road To Stardom

Close to 40 years ago,

Our founder not only wished upon a star, but he bet on one. Don Matthews took all his savings and used the funds to import one of the leading projector brands – Proxima. Fittingly, our logo is a rendition of the Proxima Centauri star – the nearest known star to the Sun. It is representative of the ambitions and vision instilled by our founder – that of being a guiding light in the industry and carving out new paths and opportunities. We are constantly engaging with new technologies to ensure South Africa remains include in these evolutions.

Over these decades,

Solution Technologies has remained a leading professional, trusted, technically competent & reputable AV distributor. We provide and integrate a wide range of quality, unified communication solutions using leading brands to both the consumer and Pro AV markets. We are entrusted to represent the best global brands across the AV industry. We deliver this capability and expertise to our customers. Our turnkey solutions fully encompass and provide access to our certified experts that will engage; understand and provide solutions specific to your needs.
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