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We like dealing with Solution Technologies because you are always prompt, efficient and knowledgeable on your products. Pricing is also not bad and products offered are of good quality and reputable brands. Murray is also always available should we need some advice.
Alex Maia
Corporate AV Integration

Strong Alliances

We have been dealing with Solution Technologies for no less than 14 years; the first four whilst working at my last company and the last 10 since having my own business. It became apparent to me from a very early stage that business is done by people. Therefore it is imperative to form strong alliances with suppliers in order to get the maximum level of support possible in order to resolve any possible issues with our customers. Soltech has always been there for us, mostly a simple call away to assist. They have helped us with loan equipment when items were in repair etc. We choose our suppliers very carefully based on this; the relationship is more important than the brand being represented.
AVDC - Audio Visual & Digital Concepts


Dealing with Solution Technologies has always been a pleasure due to the fast and friendly service. Have had good service from Precious in sales, service department has a quick turnaround time and can always get technical advice from the technical team. The vast range of products stocked and the frequent product upgrades also helps to get our installs done professionally. It’s been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to many more prosperous years dealing with Solution Technologies.
Abel P


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