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Aten Power Distribution Unit, 16 Outlets, Metered and Switched eco PDU - PE8216G
ATEN's NRGence line-up is a new generation of green energy power distribution units (eco PDUs) that optimize the efficiency of data centre power usage. The PE8216 eco PDUs are intelligent PDUs that contain 16 AC outlets and are available in various IEC / NEMA socket...
R 21,391.92
Aten Power Distribution Unit, 8 Outlets, 1U, Metered and Switched eco PDU - PE6108G
• 8 outlets• 15A (UL derated 12A) / 10A• PDU Power MeasurementThe PE6108 eco PDU is intelligent PDUs that contains 8 AC outlets and is available in various IEC or NEMA socket configurations. It provides secure, centralized, intelligent, power management (power on, off,...
R 8,473.46
Aten SNMP UPS Monitoring Card - SP100
ATEN’s SP100 (SNMP card) is an UPS monitoring equipment. Allows connection of the UPS directly to the Ethernet network through a RJ-45 connector without using RS-232 ports on the computer and without loading any individual UPS management software on the network server. User can remotely control the UPS...
R 3,696.59
Aten Professional Online UPS - OL1000HV
The ATEN Professional Online UPS is an exceptional and innovative electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, or the main one, fails. The basic technology of an online UPS is the same as in a standby or...
R 13,880.00
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