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Elmo Visualiser, 12 x Optical Zoom 12 x Digital zoom, 8.3 MP - PX30HD
With an unprecedented 288x zoom, the PX-30E captures in ultra-vibrant 4K resolution and records video at 30fps that can be saved via SD card, USB flash device, or the camera’s internal memory. PX-30E comes with a variety of shooting modes including...
R 73,675.49
Elmo Writing Tablet, Replacement Pen - PENCRA1
To help teachers get their points across, whiteboard mode offers a choice of six lesson-reinforcing backgrounds- including musical score, horizontal lines, and graph paper. Teachers can write and draw on those whiteboards from distance while walking around the classroom. Furthermore,...
R 650.27
Elmo Visualiser, 16 x Optical Zoom 8 x Digital zoom, 6 MP - P30HD
This is the new 3rd generation P30 from Elmo, the P30HD.  This camera has raised the bar and offers an unsurpassed viewing experience in native high definition. With HDMI connectivity, a built in live LCD preview screen, and a compact...
R 19,520.00
Elmo Visualiser, 8 x Digital Zoom, 8MP - OX1
The perfect document camera for distance learning.  The OX-1 provides the highest quality image for the most economical price. The OX-1 displays 1080p Full HD over USB and captures at up to 30fps max (@720p).  The specially crafted lens allows...
R 3,450.00
Elmo Visualiser, 16 x Digital Zoom, 13MP - MXP3
The MX-P3 delivers the smoothest true-to-life, high-quality image with no delay. It is the first document camera on the market capable of 16x digital zoom at 4K resolution. MX-P3 captures true 4K at 30fps or full HD at 60fps and...
R 8,280.00
Elmo Visualiser, 12 x Optical Zoom 16 x Digital zoom, 6MP - L12W
Intuitively designed for the most immersive STEM experience, the L-12W STEM-CAM opens up a world of endless learning possibilities in the K-12 classroom. The L-12W STEM-CAM brings together the award-wining L Series design that users know and love, as well...
R 12,225.00
Elmo Visualiser, Stage - L12STAGE
The stage helps to position the objects under the camera and provides a light, non-reflective background.
R 293.13
Elmo Visualiser, Microscope Lens Adapter - L12ADAPT
The adapter is fixed to the microscope. The optics of the document camera are inserted in the upper half of the adapter.
R 572.00
Elmo Classroom Switch - CRC1
Today’s classrooms make use of a multitude of audio-visual equipment, including document cameras, projectors, computers, DVD players and monitors. Wouldn’t it be great to control all of that equipment via a single device? The CRC-1 Switcher enables just that –...
R 6,502.50
Elmo Writing Tablet - CRA2
PC-Free Operation The CRA-2 can also go PC-free when using a compatible ELMO Document Camera. Inserting the wireless receiver in the USB port of the Document Camera activates the embedded software for remote control of the document camera as well...
R 6,712.75
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