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Anysync Wireless Presentation System Receiver - ANYSYNCRX

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• Actual mirroring technology showing all contents as it is.

• No installation of S/W, No complicated set-up.

• Without wireless AP, High quality video (Full HD) & sound transmission in real time.

• The perfect solution for wireless BYOD connectivity at your next presentation.

Anysync Takes Away all Messy Cables Which Makes it Perfect For Wall-Mounted HDTVs and Ceiling Mounted Beam Projectors

Anysync Can Transmit Video, Audio and Any Application From Laptop or Hand-Held Devices to TV, Monitor and Projectors

Anysync You Can Stream it to Your HDTV and Home Theatre System Wirelessly up to 30ft Away

Anysync No Router and Without Any wireless AP, High Quality Video (Full HD-1080p) and Sound Transmission in Real Time

Anysync No Latency Actual Mirroring Showing all Contents as it is

Anysync Korean Made World First N: 1 Switching Device

Anysync The Device Has Screen Change Function Which Screen on The Transmitter Once Button is Pressed

Anysync Can be Connected Transmitter 254 Devices with One Receiver Anysync Plug and Play, Installation of Software, No Complicated Set-Up







110 x 30 x 10mm

Transmitting function

Image : 1080p supported
Sound : Mono, Stereo supported
Automatic recognition of Transmitter

Compatible device

HDMI input supported devices
(LCD TV, monitor, electronic board, beam projector, etc.)




Direct connection of Wi-Fi 802.11n 5GHz with Transmitter

Power supply

Uses external power supply through micro USB

Communication distance

Recommended available distance 10m (It can be loner depending on user’s environment)


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