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Epson Wireless Lan Adapter - ELPAP10

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When used with Epson EasyMP Network Monitor and Network Projection software, users can remotely access and control projectors and display content over a wireless network.

• Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards

• Uses USB type A connector

• Compatible with PC or Mac

• Able to transmit audio

• Replacement to ELPAP07

This high-speed, wireless network adapter plugs directly into selected Epson projectors allowing quick and easy wireless access to LAN or peer-to-peer networks.

Compatible Main Units

The models below are compatible with one or more items in this range. For more details, please refer to the links below or the manual for your product.

EB-1470Ui         EB-1970W         EB-1975W         EB-1985WU      EB-2040            EB-2042            EB-2055            EB-2250U

EB-520             EB-525W          EB-530S           EB-536Wi          EB-5520W         EB-5530U         EB-570             EB-575W

EB-575Wi          EB-580             EB-580S           EB-585W          EB-585WS        EB-585Wi          EB-595Wi          EB-670

EB-675W          EB-675Wi          EB-685W          EB-685Wi          EB-695Wi          EB-700U           EB-710Ui          EB-955WH

EB-965H           EB-98H             EB-E05             EB-G7100         EB-G7200W      EB-G7400U       EB-G7805         EB-G7900U

EB-G7905U       EB-L1000U        EB-L1050U        EB-L1070U        EB-L1075U        EB-L1100U        EB-L1105U        EB-L1200U

EB-L1300U        EB-L1405U        EB-L1490U        EB-L1495U        EB-L1500U        EB-L1500UH     EB-L1505U        EB-L1505UH

EB-L1710S        EB-L1715S        EB-L1750U        EB-L1755U        EB-L25000U      EB-L30000U      EB-L30002U      EB-L510U

EB-S05             EB-S31             EB-S41             EB-U04             EB-U05             EB-W05            EB-W29            EB-W31

EB-W39            EB-W41            EB-X05             EB-X27             EB-X31             EB-X39             EB-X41             EH-TW6700           

EH-TW6800       EH-TW7000       EH-TW7100       EH-TW7300       EH-TW9300       EH-TW9400       EH-TW9400W    EH-LS500B Android TV Edition

EH-LS500W Android TV Edition

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