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Epson Business Projector, WXGA Laser, 2200 lumens - EV110

R 35,148.36 Ex VAT

• Experiential projection Create borderless content, lighting effects and blended displays with ease

• Sensor-based content GPI function for simple sensor-based experiences

• Flexible installation Can be ceiling-mounted, freestanding or attached to a lighting track

• Signage-ready Built-in media player and simple CMS integration

• Fit and forget reliability Durable Epson laser technology supported by a five-year warranty

Minimalist design - maximum impact

The LightScene EV-110 allows users to unlock their creativity and project instantly appealing visuals, with sharp WXGA resolution and 2,200 lumens brightness. Thanks to its discreet design, it can be used where a traditional projector may stand out. A black version is also available.

Simple, flexible implementation

A lightweight, adaptable design means the EV-110 can be installed in a variety of ways, from a traditional ceiling mount to a freestanding floor mount, or attached to a lighting track, including recessed lighting tracks.


Featuring a built-in media player with wireless content upload, allowing playlists to be loaded onto an SD card and played directly from the projector1. The EV-110 also features HDMI connectivity for simple integration into content management systems without specialist installation.

Advanced installations made easy

The GPI function supports direct sensor connectivity for creating dynamic experiences that can adapt to situational changes without the need for costly external hardware. The EV-110 also uses advanced techniques such as edge blending to achieve stunning results in larger spaces that require multiple unit installations.

Fit and forget reliability

A five-year warranty, combined with Epson's reliable laser light source technology and sealed optical engine, means that the EV-110 does not require regular maintenance.

Colour Light Output

2.200 Lumen- 1.100 Lumen (economy) In accordance with IDMS15.4

White Light Output

2.200 Lumen - 1.100 Lumen (economy) In accordance with ISO 21118:2020



Aspect Ratio


Contrast Ratio

2.500.000 : 1

Native Contrast

2.000 : 1

Light source


Laser Light source

20.000 hours Durability High, 30.000 hours Durability Eco

Keystone Correction

Manual vertical: ± 45 °, Manual horizontal ± 40 °

Colour Reproduction

16.77 million colours

EV110 Datasheet PDF
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