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JK Soft Ambient Light Rejection Thin Frame Screen, 120", 21:9 Aspect Ratio - F9120ALRW

R 10,550.00 Ex VAT

• Viewing area 280cm x 120cm

• 120" Diagonal

• 1cm Black Frame

• Aspect ratio 21:9

• Ultrawide Acoustic Transparent Thin Fixed Frame Screen

ALR screens will exceed your expectations on every level compared to the performance of a matt white screen. A realistic high-resolution image is created by reflecting light back to the audience. The screen eliminates the re-reflection of light coming from off-axis sources such as lighting and windows. JK proudly boasts a superior quality ALR screen that won’t disappoint. ALR screens allow you to clearly see projected content even when you’re not in a completely darkened room and are ideal for environments with uncontrolled ambient light. Current trends in construction and architecture are focused on open-plan layouts that bring natural elements, such as sunlight, into commercial and residential spaces. For the best image quality, pair your ALR screen with a laser projector or a short-throw laser projector.

• So how does it work?

JK ALR screens work best when the ambient light and the projectors’ light are coming from different directions.

The JK screen consists of a series of layers. There is a highly reflective base layer. On top of that, the micro-layered optical lens surface absorbs light from above, and a second diffusion layer filters out off-axis lighting.

The centre point of view, on any projection screen, is the brightest. As the viewer moves to either side or “off-axis,” the image becomes less bright. With the JK ALR screen, light is rejected from the centre line of the screen and continues at a diminishing amount all the way to the half-gain angle of the screen. This results in a surface designed and manufactured to provide very wide viewing angles while maintaining a high percent of ambient light rejection.


Diag. Size (inch)

Viewing area          

W x H (mm)

Screen Length (mm)

Screen Height (mm)

Packaging Dimension                  L x W x H

Net Weight (kg)

Gross Weight (kg)










2800 x 1200









F9120ALRW Datasheet PDF
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