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Wolfvision Visualiser Lightbox - LIGHTBXLB9

R 5,801.88 Ex VAT

• Can used for dark transparent material like x-rays, colour separating or oversized slides

• Designed for Wolf Vision's portable visualizers to read x-rays and other materials when needed

• Wolf Vision guarantees a maximum viewing quality on gray scale and true colours

Designed for Wolf Vision's portable Visualizers, the WolfVision LB-9 fits perfectly on the working surface and is well-suited for the Wolf Vision visualizer. It has an attractive and professional appearance due to its very slim design. The LB-9 guarantees a maximum on the gray scale and true colors.


Product Weight

2.5 kg


Shipping Weight

4.08 kg


Product Height

1.5 cm


Product Length


50.2 cm

Product Width


41.9 cm

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