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Wolfvision Visualiser Swivel Plate - VZ3NEOVERB

R 73,308.03 Ex VAT

• The VZ-3neo.UHD is a native 4K UHD Visualizer system, featuring the iconic WolfVision mechanical design concept, which incorporates the camera, LED light system and all electronic hardware into the Visualizer arm.

• Newly engineered optical and electronic components maximise performance, and the unique design features a touchscreen control and preview monitor for maximum ease of use. With the VZ-3neo.UHD we set the standard worldwide for innovative, user-friendly, high-performance imaging systems.

WolfVision Visualizer systems are well-known for their unrivalled imaging quality, which is due to the perfect combination of high quality components and remarkable expertise. Our systems deliver high resolution throughout the entire picture, true-to-life colours, and consistently high frame rates to ensure smoothness of motion. They have fast and accurate autofocus and zooming, giving high quality dependable results every time! High end lenses provide distortion-free images, and high tech lighting systems deliver smooth and consistent lighting without distracting reflections or hot spots. WolfVision‘s state-of-the-art YSOP1 image processing engine enables the fast and efficient processing of high volumes of data, ensuring the consistent real-time display of impressive high-definition pictures with unsurpassed levels of accuracy and detail.

• Flexible Zoom Range

The VZ-3neo Visualizer comes with a 12x zoom (6x optical and 2x digital), which can pick up objects as large as an open book or as small as a credit card in full size to fill a screen


• Easy To Use / Zoom Wheel

For standard operation, users only need to use the multiple-speed zoom wheel on top of the camera head. All other controls such as focus, brightness, etc., are adjusted automatically.


• Power over Ethernet Plus

The LAN port of the VZ-3neo includes Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) functionality, compatible with devices meeting the IEEE 802.3at industry standard. Power over Ethernet is a popular way of saving on cables and installation costs.


• High Resolution Camera

WolfVision‘s VZ-3neo Visualizer system features a 1-CMOS native 1080p full HD camera with 30 frames per second and sRGB colour precision, giving 980 lines of visible resolution in every part of the picture. There is a thread on the bottom of the working plate for attaching the unit to a table with the supplied table lock bolt. Additionally, T-Lock (Kensington® Lock) devices can also be used.


• Write On Your Visualizer!

An optional dry-erase working surface is available for the VZ-3neo Visualizer. This allows a user to write directly onto the working surface during a presentation, enabling the device to be used spontaneously as a whiteboard or ‘digital flip chart.‘


• Optional Wireless Connectivity

The optional BYOD feature pack comprises a WLAN stick and an accompanying firmware upgrade that enables the VZ-3neo to be used with the vSolution Connect and vSolution Control apps


• Adjustment-Free Lighting

The light system is optimized for the working surface, so there is never any need to adjust the light. An extremely long lifetime of 30,000 hours can be considered as maintenance free for most installations.


• Protect Your Investment

There is a thread on the bottom of the working plate for attaching the unit to a table with the supplied table lock bolt. Additionally, T-Lock (Kensington® Lock) devices can also be used.

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