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Wolfvision Visualiser Swivel Plate - VZ8NEOVERB

R 93,595.85 Ex VAT

• Swivel arm for easy image manipulation

• Easy to use zoom wheel

• High-resolution camera

• Adjustment free lighting

• Plug-and-play

The swivel arm allows the presenter to manipulate the arm to best suit present the image to the audience, this camera can suit your needs with ease with the simple swivel arm.

With the easy-to-use zoom wheel, users can simply zoom with precision, and with the visualiser automatically adjusting things like focus, brightness, etc. you are guaranteed to have a high-quality image produced.

This visualiser comes with a large zoom range, it comes with a powerful 24x zoom (12x optical zoom and 2x digital) giving you options of size. It can pick up something as large as an open book or as small as a fingernail in full size on your display screen.

The VZ-8neo swivel visualiser comes with a 1080p HD CMOS camera with 30FPS providing an excellent image for you.

The VZ-8neo swivel visualiser has a swivel plate allowing the visualiser arm to rotate 90° for easy storage and easy manipulation for showing different items next to each other.

Convenient ‘plug-and-play’ allows you to get going without having to install additional drivers, you can easily use third-party software to get your lessons going immediately.

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