Wall/Bookshelf Speakers – Solution Technologies
Vision Wall Speaker - 4820817
The SP-900P are Vision’s most cost-effective audio solution. They are purpose-built for small meeting rooms and classrooms. Incredible value for money; they offer great sound quality and Vision’s trademark ease of installation. Perfect for meeting spaces. 2-Way A 5.25″ woofer...
R 2,550.00
Vision Wall Speaker - 4991366
Vision’s professional 5.25" powered bookshelf speakers are purpose-built for any audio-visual presentation environments such as classrooms and meeting rooms, or bars and restaurants. They are simple to install and control. Perfect for meeting spaces or small rental applications. Serial Control...
R 4,184.31
Vision Wall Speaker - 3635038
Vision’s SP-1800 professional wall mounted loudspeakers are super-easy to install, look beautiful, and produce rich and powerful sound. They are 240mm tall and use a 5.25 inch woofer – the most popular size for classroom, meeting room, and boardroom applications....
R 2,944.00
Epson Active Speakers - ELPSP02
The ELPSP02 active speakers (with built-in amplifiers) enable all students in the room to clearly hear your lesson, enhancing the learning experience. The ELPSP02 speakers can be easily mounted on the wall and can be used with any Epson projector...
R 2,419.38
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